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Infinitio offers an integrated platform for the generative AI ecosystem, powered by blockchain.

Our global marketplace provides models, data, and affordable access to powerful GPUs through its DePIN network.

Infinitio prioritizes data privacy, security, and AI safety, fostering a collaborative ecosystem with built-in incentives, making GenAI development more accessible, secure, safe and efficient.

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Infinitio’s Advanced GenAI Framework

Be part of our mission to revolutionize the GenAI field and contribute to the future of AI.

Decentralized GPU Infrastructure (DePIN)

Custom GenAI Development Tools

Blockchain Validated Privacy and Token Incentives

Full AI Safety Suite

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By promoting communal growth and value sharing. Our goal is to maximize the utilization of global computing resources, advance the development and application of AI technology, and establish a fair, open, and efficient global ecosystem.

Safeguarding Trust in AI

AI Safety & Privacy

Responsible AI 

Infinitio utilizes distributed ledger technologies and adopts a multi-pronged approach to responsible AI. This includes bringing on-chain AI safety evaluations and prioritizing the use of green-powered GPUs in our allocation mechanisms. Additionally, we ensure traceability of both data and models, enhancing the transparency of AI governance. This strategy supports the development of cutting-edge AI systems that are both safe and capable.


By leveraging blockchain technologies our platform ensures that the rights of any model, data and IP created in our systems is automatically registered with the producer, so that ownership is secured and traceable at all times.

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