Pioneering Responsible AI

Championing AI Safety and Privacy

We’re leading the charge into a new era of a safer distributed AI.

Our Commitment


Infinitio stands as a pioneering platform in the AI industry, uniquely implementing evaluations and other Responsible AI features on-chain. Our ecosystem incentivizes developers to critically assess AI models, enhancing their safety and reliability. This approach is rooted in our innovative tokenomics, which rewards developers for their contributions to model evaluation and safety.

Infinitio ensures fairness in AI through on-chain Responsible AI features.

Reliability & Safety.
Safety and reliability of AI models are our priority, incentivizing developers for such qualities.

Infinitio rewards diverse contributions, fostering an inclusive ecosystem.

Our operations promote transparency, offering clear incentives to developers.

Fostering Collaboration

By collaborating with leading model laboratories, we enhance the safety and effectiveness of AI technologies. This collaboration not only advances the development of AI but also establishes a transparent and efficient blockchain-based system for AI governance, setting new industry standards.

Advancing AI Safety

Advancing AI Safety


Our system of incentives and rewards creates a positive feedback loop that significantly contributes to the advancement of AI safety and effectiveness.

By continuously rewarding the efforts of developers who push the boundaries of AI technology, Infinitio demonstrates a steadfast commitment to pioneering developments in the AI and blockchain sectors.

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