Unmatched Global Compute Infrastructure Powering AI  Innovation

Distributed GPU Technology for Sustainable AI Development

Integrating AI, high-end GPU access, and blockchain, harnessing the power of Web3 technologies to make the benefits of AI accessible to everyone.

Infinitio’s Engine Features

Automated Computing Power Matching Market 

We leverage smart contracts and blockchain oracles to facilitate direct exchanges of computing power, ensuring transactional integrity, market liquidity, and efficient pricing through futures and spot contracts.

Decentralized Task Queue

Designed for AI developers to efficiently submit computing tasks. Resource providers can retrieve and compute tasks, supported by robust management, scheduling mechanisms, and enhanced fault tolerance and recovery capabilities.

Distributed Resource Matching Queue

Crafted to match and allocate computing resources globally. This feature is supported by advanced resource management and scheduling capabilities, paired with efficient matching algorithms for optimal resource utilization.

Web3 Token Reward Mechanism

Designed to incentivize participation in the market by computing resource providers, AI developers, and service providers. This system ensures fair and transparent reward distribution within a robust token economy model.

State-of-the-art GPU Technology


Our platform harnesses the latest GPU chips to meet the growing demands of AI development, focusing on green, cost-efficient solutions. We ensure optimal performance and sustainability by utilizing advanced technology to reduce environmental impact and lower operational costs.

Token Incentives

Our token reward system is divided into a resource-adjusted computing power utility token (PToken) and the Governance token (GToken)


Allows users to earn tokens by providing computing power, completing tasks, providing resources, etc. These tokens can be used to purchase services and earn profits on the platform.

The Infinitio DAO

Our DAO enhances community engagement by allowing users to stake their GTokens. This staking mechanism not only confers voting rights but also actively involves token holders in decision-making processes, reinforcing their influence within the community.


Allows token holders to participate in the platform’s decision-making, which can further enhance the fairness and transparency of the platform.

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