Infinitio Chain Incentivized Testnet

Metanaut NFT will become AIGC Chain NFTs. Metanaut NFT holders will be able to earn benefits on our testnet

The first AIGC
infrastructure for WEB3

Lower the threshold of 2D/3D content creation and build the world’s largest AIGC distributed metaverse ecosystem

2D Utilities
Some of the current skills available on AIGC Chain include; text to image, image to image, addition/removal of subjects in an image, and merging styles for new creations. More skills will be opened one after another as they become available.

Text to Video
Text to video generation is an active area of research in artificial intelligence. AIGC Chain models generate a sequence of images that correspond to the words in the text input. The generated images are then combined into a video by arranging them in a sequence to play back in rapid succession.

3D/Metaverse and Capabilities
AIGC Chain enables users to create a 3D human-like avatar by paying a fee. The generated avatar is equipped with a skeletal binding, allowing for a range of movements including speaking, walking, running, and jumping.

Incentive Models and Protection of Ownership
Protecting and incentivizing AI ownership through traceable smart contracts.


The interactive node NFT
for AIGC Chain Testnet

Meet Metanaut
Metanaut is the first NFT project initiated by the AIGC core community. It serves as users’ 2D and 3D avatar identities and provides different levels of access to AIGC Chain.

Metanaut also functions plays as interactive nodes on the test network and a crucial role in the development of AIGC Chain. As the ecosystem continues to grow, Metanaut will become the starting engine for developing the AIGC community and collective knowledge.

Pre-empt Registration
One step ahead, pre-register your own AI model and continue to support and benefit from AIGC

Testnet Incentives
By participating in the test network, you may become an AIGC node and receive incentives.

Fee Discount
Owning a rare Metanaut gives you more bang for your buck when you get involved in business

Web 3 Business Model
Get the AIGC’s early eco-token incentive to join the community and stay focused

Metanaut NFT

The Ultimate GenAI Solution for Privacy, Intellectual Property Protection, and Innovation


Why do we need to own Metanaut NFT?
The AIGC test network is initially available to Metanaut NFT collectors who may register their interests and contribute to model training on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition to the unique cyberpunk art that collectors may appreciate, collectors may also receive fee discounts and other benefits for supporting the growth of the network through infrastructure optimization.
Who is eligible to participate in Metanaut Mint?
Metanaut has no whitelist or OG restrictions, anyone can participate
What is the initial price of Metanaut NFT?
Each Metanaut NFT is deployed on the ETH network with an infrastructure fee of 0.02 ETH
What other platforms can I get Mint Metanaut NFT on?
The Mint event of Metanaut NFT is only held on the official website, welcome to join and follow our community for the latest news

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